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So, You Want to be a Ballet Dancer?

Here us a link where my ebook can be found in

As always, I encourage readers to post questions or comments here on my blog! Happy reading!


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  1. nightace / Jan 3 2012 4:25 am

    I was considering of buying this book so could you let me see a snipet view or a summary, at least?

    • ballerina2thepointe / Mar 6 2012 4:54 am

      If you visit, you should be able to preview an excerpt from the book, also, you can check out my post “So, You Want to be a Ballet Dancer?” here on my blog.
      Thanks for your interest, and happy reading!

    • ballerina2thepointe / Jul 6 2012 11:52 pm

      Thanks for your interest in my book! I hope you enjoy it. Just FYI, I am currently working on a revised, expanded, updated edition for hard copy publication as well (by The University Press of Florida). It is scheduled to be released Spring 2013 – I will keep you posted. It will be full of more anecdotes, details, chapters and reference information as well as additional photos. It will also hopefully have QR codes at the end of certain chapeters linking to demonstrative and informational video clips. Stay tuned!!!!

      • bunheadenpointe / Jul 7 2012 5:42 pm

        I can’t wait for it to be released! 🙂

  2. Juliette Dupre / Apr 14 2013 6:55 pm

    Hi Jennifer. I was so excited to discover a hard copy version at Barnes & Noble yesterday! Of course I didn’t have to think twice before bringing it straightaway to the register 🙂 Congrats on getting that out as anticipated. I love the QR codes too. I understand that you’ll be teaching for Gregg and Marjorie at NOBT this summer at some point. If it’s not too inconvenient, I’d love to meet you and have you sign the book, if you do that kind of thing. (I take classes there with Jarina Carvalho when my schedule permits in order to keep up a certain level of demonstration ability for my own teaching, and have known Gregg and Marjorie since I was a student as well.) Regardless, I wish you a wonderful summer and excellent book sales!

    • ClassicalBalletTeacher / Apr 15 2013 1:29 pm

      PS – I posted about the book over on my blog yesterday. Here’s the permalink:

    • ballerina2thepointe / Apr 19 2013 10:29 pm

      Hello Juliette!
      I’m so glad that you found the book and are enjoying it! I had such a wonderful time writing it – both the e-version and the updated paperback second edition. It was definitely worth the long hours in front of the computer! It was so nice to have had the opportunity to expand on the topics I discussed in the electronic version and add some new subject matter as well.
      I do plan on teaching and dancing with NOBT this summer and I would be honored to sign your copy. I will look forward to meeting you then! All my best, J

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