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July 13, 2010 / ballerina2thepointe

Working on Balanchine

This summer, my great friend and fellow MCB dancer Patricia Delgado and I are teaching and working on Balanchine’s Divertimento No. 15 with our MCBS students.

Choreographed to Mozart’s beautiful score of the same name, it was made for eight principals (three men/five women) and eight corps de ballet girls. Because of the clean lines and precise musicality, we’ve chosen to teach the “Minuet” section of the ballet, as well as three of the five female variations. It has been quite a challenge, but we’re both enjoying the process! It is fascinating to see the information we give be absorbed into the students’ minds, and then help them try to translate it all into the physical movements. I am watching them get stronger every day as the steps begin to settle themselves into their bodies.

I am very fortunate to have danced Divertimento No. 15 several different times with Miami City Ballet. I danced the corps de ballet for two different seasons, and the third principal lady for three different seasons of performances. The wonderful thing about revisiting a piece of choreography that you’ve already performed is that you learn something new every time. Each time that I danced it, I discovered different nuances in both the choreography and the music. I hope that my students will take what they are learning this summer, digest as much information as they can, keep working on it after they leave, and continue discovering the simple intricacies of it for years to come… 

Follow this link to learn more about the background information of  Divertimento No.15 :

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